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Fly and Light Tackle Fishing
with Capt. Chad McGann

Fishing in Jupiter Florida and Other Area Hot Spots.
Specializing in Night Snook Fishing & Fly Casting Instruction.



Snook are one of our premier gamefish, and are abundant in this area. They are also very much a nocturnal feeder, and night fishing for them is generaly more productive. Night fishing isn't what you might think, We are not out there blindly fishing in the darkness. We'll fish the bridge and dock lights where the Snook are concentrated, chasing baits attracted to the light. Most of the time you'll be casting to fish you see.

Using conventional tackle, we would fish jigs, lures, live shrimp, or baits that are sometimes available to a cast net. Snook are also very receptive to a fly, and will very often eat a fly on occasions when they won't touch anything else. Most of the fish you catch, you actually see the take. It's pretty exciting. If you've ever wanted to try I've taught a lot people to fly cast, and after some instruction have got many into fish on their first night out.

Weekends can be busy out there even at night, so I recommend fishing a week night. I'll usually start at dark on the right tide, do a minimum 4 hour trip, and get you off the water at a decent hour so you can to get to work the next day. I do day trips as well locally of course, after Snook or whatever other fish might want to play, or will trailer the boat within the region if you want to go somewhere different.

A lot of people like to use their own equipment and that's fine, but I provide gear specific to the fishing We'll be doing if you don't have the right gear, or any at all. I also provide the fishing license for all aboard can only take up to 4 people legally, but 3 or less offers more comfort on my Flats Boat.

I offer reasonable rates and welcome Kids.

Thank You,
Capt. Chad McGann

About Captain Chad McGann

Capt. Chad McGann grew up fishing and boating in South Florida, and fishing the Jupiter area for 30 plus years. He moved to Colorado where he became a fly fisherman and started guiding. Eventually he moved to Montana and guided trout fishing trips on the Big Horn for 7 years. Over those years he seasonally fished Florida and Montana as a guide. Capt. McGann became a licensed Coast Guard Captain in 2000, then a full-time saltwater guide.

To book your fishing trip... Call 561-254-7058 or Email chadmcgann@bellsouth.net

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